Funding Focus and Guidelines

Funding is available to enable and support more Community Independents to be elected to Parliament. Applications could include, for example, assistance for community engagement, resources and activities to assist the election of Community Independents and improve political representation. Funding will be given to community groups or individuals, including candidates.

Please read the FAQs below. If you have further questions or unsure if your application meets out guidelines, we encourage you to get in touch by email,

Are you looking to find and support an Independent representative?

Are you wanting more Community Independent action?

Are you

  • part of a team who wants to take immediate action to support a Community Independent representative?

  • wanting to have an increased chance of being elected as a Community Independent?

  • helping to raise the standard of political community representation?

Round 1 Start-Up Funding

Open Now

Round 2 

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Round 3 

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The Community Independents Project Fund FAQs


Who do I contact for advice and inquiries?
Please email with your application idea and we will get back to you.
Who is eligible for funding?
Funding is available for activities that build community vision, participation and support for Community Independent candidates to be elected to Parliament, eg training, workshops, resources, etc. Funding will be given to community groups or individuals, including candidates.
How do I prepare a funding proposal
Please download the Assessment Checklist for guidance
When are funding decisions made?
Round 1 CIP Funding opens July 30 and closes on August 26. Decisions will be announced September 2.
Do you have a Budget Template?
Yes. Please download the Budget Template for proposed activities and attach to your funding application.
Is there a Funding Agreement?
Successful applicants are required to sign a Funding Agreement, which outlines The Community Independents Project funding requirements. This Funding Agreement will be sent to successful applicants at the time of notification. Please note that your name (individual and/or group), the funding amount and the outcomes will be made public.
How do I/we provide a project report and financial acquittal?
Activity reports and financial acquittals are a standard requirement for all funded activities.

A final report on your activity outcomes and expenditure is due within two months of the activity completion.

Please download and complete The Community Independents Project  financial acquittal forms below.

Please email your completed report and financial acquittal to

Should I/we acknowledge our grant from The Community Independents Project?
It is not essential but we would encourage you to acknowledge The Community Independents Project as contributors to the project.
How do I/we seek an amendment to our funded activity?
If there are significant changes to your funded activity, please contact us on

Our guidelines continue to evolve and The Project reserves the right to change our guidelines without notice at any time.